Recent Publications

Kerby, M.B., & Mallinger, G.M. (in progress). Reimagining higher education: A guide to creating the competent and civically-engaged graduate. Stylus Publishing: Sterling, VA.

Book Chapters

Kerby, M.B., (final edits submitted). From theory to assessment: Measuring the efficacy of inclusive efforts in civic engagement initiatives. Invited Chapter in Teaching Civic Engagement in an Era of Divisive Politics, editors Carah Ong Whaley, Allison Rank, and Lauren C. Bell. Palgrave McMillan.

Kerby, M. B., & Adams, C. J. (2011). In Dr. Alice E. Ginsberg and Dr. Karen Bojar (Ed.), The unmeating of like minds: The process IS political. Towson University Press: And Finally We Meet.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Kerby, M.B. (2020). “Change is the essential process of all existence:” Transformation through a planned-emergent theory of change. eJournal of Public Affairs, 9(1), Retrieve from

Kerby, M.B. (2018). “Change is the essential process of all existence:” Transformation through a planned-emergent theory of change. Manuscript accepted; May 2020 publication date.

Zompetti, J.P., & Kerby, M. B. (2018). Fake it ‘till you make it: Debunking fake news in a post-truth America. eJournal of Public Affairs, 8(1). Retrieve from

Mallinger, G.M.  & Kerby, M.B. (2017). The harvest is the best teacher: A narrative on food insecurity and community gardening with children and adolescents. Reflections: Narratives on Professional Helping, 22(1), 70-78.

Kerby, M.B. (2015). Toward a new predictive model of student retention in higher
education: An application of classical sociological theory. Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice, 17(1).

Kerby, M.B., Branham, K.B., & Mallinger, G.M. (2014). Consumer-based higher
education: The uncaring of learning. Journal of Higher Education, Theory, and
Practice, 14(5), 42-57.

Kerby, M.B., & Mallinger, G.M. (2014). An application of a new conceptual model beyond
sustainability, eJournal of Public Affairs, 3(3),

Main, M. E., Wright, D. G., Kerby, M.B. (2013). Nursing student voices: Reflections on an international service learning experience. Kentucky Nurse, 61(1), 10-11.

Lindley, L, Kerby, M.B., Nicholson, T., & Lu, N. (2007). Sexual behaviors and
sexually transmitted infections among self-identified lesbian and bisexual college women, Journal of LGBT Health Research, 3(3):41-54.

Kerby, M.B., Wilson, R., Nicholson, T, & White, J. (Ettorre, E. (Ed.)). (2004). Making
lesbians visible in the substance use field. Chapter in book Social identity and substance among college women, London: Haworth Press.

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behaviors among self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangendered college students in the United States. AIDS Education and Prevention, 15(5), 413-429.

Invited Scholarly Publications/Presentations/Speaking Engagements
Kerby, M.B. (2018). It’s not all or nothing: Planned versus emergent change theory. Invited blog entry for CLDE’s Emergent Theory of Change. Retrieved from

Kerby, M. B. (2017). The American Democracy Project’s #DigiPo Initiative at WesternKentucky University. Invited blog entry for AASCU’s American Democracy Project. Retrieved from

Kerby, M.B. Beyond Sustainability: Learning to create resilient communities, invited speaker, Sunday Assembly Nashville, November 4, 2018, Nashville, TN. (