Master’s in SRSC

The online Master’s in Social Responsibility & Sustainable Communities began Fall 2011. Students can begin the application process at any time. For more information, click here.

Here’s our catalog description
The Master of Arts in Social Responsibility & Sustainable Communities is an interdisciplinary program of study that provides students with the tools to lead communities toward social justice and sustainability. It is designed especially for students inclined toward the humanities, social sciences, and related fields. Students take a core set of courses that provide interdisciplinary grounding in social justice and sustainability, economic and policy issues, leadership issues, community-building, and community-based research. Students may focus their elective courses on environmental sustainability, gender & women’s studies, or other issues—depending on their interests, on availability of courses, and in consultation with their advisor. Students in the MA in Social Responsibility & Sustainable Communities will cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary to be economic, political, and social change agents for more just and sustainable communities.

The core courses emphasize “learning in action,” while providing a foundation in social justice, economics, and ethical leadership; the electives allow students to emphasize areas of interest—gender, aging, community planning, environment, and (crucially) sustainability as it relates to social networks and long-range, ethically sound thinking (for instance).